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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  July 24, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> all champs get to meet this is "world news." tonight fit for a king, the name revealed. it's prince george, the new name for the royal baby, and so many have asked is there anything about the name with a nod to princess diana. the other news tonight, disaster at sea, the massive rig explosion and collapse burning out of control in the gulf. tonight we learn how the workers were rescued. after the verdict. trayvon martin's father and what he promised late today on capitol hill. the no-show, the family reportedly just rescued george zimmerman in that car accident, why didn't she show up today, the lawyer left answering. the presidential portrait racing across the internet tonight, who got a beaming president bush to suddenly shave his head?
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good evening. diane has the evening off. we do begin tonight with the final royal reveal. after three days and a crush of cameras tonight an end to the guessing game. the name of the royal baby announced to the world, prince george of cambridge. we showed you the proud parents along with little prince george seen leaving the hospital, wrapped in his royal bundle today. tonight we're learning more about why they chose this name. the last royal george, the queen's father, the famous stutter immortalized in the film "the's king's speech." the question from so many of you, would there be any hint, any reference to princess diana in this new name. >> reporter: good evening, david. just this morning and for the first time this morning the queen came here to kensington palace to meet the youngest member of the royal family, prince george, a tribute to great grandma, the
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queen, and her father. just yesterday the proud parents, william and kate, introduced their son to the world. one reporter played a hunch, shouting out, "have you called him george?" >> wait and see, peter, wait and see. >> reporter: now one day later, the wait is over. george alexander louie. what's in a name? so many were hoping for a nod to princess diana's heritage. the name spencer was an american favorite, but british tradition ruled the day. there have been six kings of england named george, the most recent george xvi, the queen's father, the story told in the film "the king's speech." >> reporter: tonight people are talking about the baby monarch's moniker. >> i really like it. i'm probably biased because my dad's name is george as well. >> rolls off the tongue. george alexander -- >> reporter: the biggest surprise, according to the palace, william and kate will not be hiring a nanny yet. they want to take care of the
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baby themselves. but earlier this year, they did hire a housekeeper. her responsibilities include cleaning and walking their dog, lupo. as for the expected army of valets, dressers, butlers, cooks, no plans for now. this morning the modern royals left london for the in-law's in bucklebury. new dad in the front seat. you can see mom in the back next to the newly named george in the car seat, going to spend time as so many parents do with mum's family before william, after two weeks paternity leave, has to get back to work. they're now in the village of bucklebury to escape the crowds and the press for some privacy and time to bond with their boy, george. david? >> reporting every step of the way there, lama, thank you, our royal coverage. and with a new name the world can now move on and so do we. to the developing story in the gulf tonight, a fire burning out of control in a natural gas rig in the gulf of mexico.
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here's the rig tonight, flames shooting into the air, workers rescued and of course it reminded us of this, the other fire in the gulf, the deepwater horizon explosion a few years ago, the worst environmental disaster in american history. tonight this new accident, this new rig on fire, sits partially collapsed 55 miles off the cost of louisiana. natural gas is leaking. abc's ryan owens is tracking it all tonight. >> reporter: tonight a fire ball is consuming the massive metal rig in the gulf of mexico, its platform melting away as natural gas spews from the well. 44 workers used life capsules like these to safely evacuate the rig owned by houston-based hercules offshore, after a blowout at the well sent gas pouring into the water and formed an explosive cloud around the rig that finally ignited. this well is about 55 miles off the coast of louisiana in the same general area of the gulf as the deepwater horizon spill three years ago. that disaster killed 11 people and gushed millions of barrels
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of oil into the water over an astounding 87 days. experts say while this burning rig may bring back bad memories, it will not bring that sort of devastation. >> this natural gas is burning off completely. >> reporter: it could burn just like this for months. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. one more concern in the gulf tonight. authorities have their eyes on something else, tropical storm dorian has now formed in the eastern atlantic. it's the fourth named storm this season. the national hurricane center estimating winds at 50 miles per hour. it could reach the caribbean late this weekend into early next week. two very different scenes unfolding tonight in the trayvon martin case. an emotional plea on capitol hill late today from martin's grieving father, speaking from the heart saying he wished he was with his son walking that night. at the same time, george zimmerman acquitted of killing the unarmed team, his attorneys were supposed to have a press
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conference with the family that he reportedly just saved in a car accident. but the family didn't show up. on the case from the start, on the case from the start abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: they were the words of a father channelling anguish into action on capitol hill. >> i vow to do everything in my power not to give up the fight for him. not only to fight for trayvon but to fight for so many other young black and brown boys of this country. >> reporter: ten days after george zimmerman was acquitted of murdering 17-year-old trayvon martin, his father, tracy martin, made the opening remarks at the first ever meeting of the congressional caucus on black men and boys. martin, a truck driver by profession, has appeared in multiple interviews and public appearances since the july 13th verdict. george zimmerman had all but disappeared until last week when police say he happened upon an suv that rolled over and helped a family of four escape the vehicle. witnesses called 911. >> there was smoke and other people were starting to rush towards the vehicles. >> reporter: zimmerman's lawyer
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acknowledged the incident was awfully coincidental and invited the family to tell their side of the story, but for fear of retribution, the family backed out. >> they are frightened, worried, literally trembling voices. >> did they change their phone numbers, not answering the phone, asked for police at their house? >> they've done all of that. >> reporter: one man trying to keep the spotlight on his son, the other in hiding. matt gutman, abc news, orlando. to the unfolding scandal surrounding the former congressman who wants to be new york city's mayor, anthony weiner. we watched his apology yesterday and tonight so many eyes now trained on his wife. many are now asking is that fair and this evening should we drop out? abc's linsey davis reporting on the story here in new york. >> reporter: undeterred by a growing chorus calling for him to drop out, anthony weiner made it clear today he intends to stay in the race for new york city mayor. >> in my background that i've talked about, it's legitimate for people to discuss.
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>> reporter: his biggest vote of confidence is from this woman, his wife, huma abedin. >> i love him, i have forgiven him and i believe in him. >> reporter: for years the 36-year-old was a power player operating in the shadows and she has now stepped into the spotlight. >> anthony has made some horrible mistakes, but i do very strongly believe that it is between us. >> reporter: the disgraced former congressman now admits his extramarital sexting continued after he resigned from congress, went away to rehab, even after huma gave birth to the couple's son. abedin's support of her husband has resulted in a firestorm of criticism. >> she was way too nice. he needs to be married to judge judy. >> reporter: online some wrote scathing messages like, "huma weiner came off as a culpable fool." in the past, abedin has admitted to seeking relationship advice from long-time friend and former boss, hillary clinton. >> i look up to her the way i
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look up to my mom. i get advice from her. she's constantly a support system to me. >> reporter: she appears to have taken a page out of hilary's book. >> we love this city. no one will work harder to make it better than anthony. >> reporter: right now she is working hard for him despite the embarrassing revelations. earlier today abc news learned some of her friends are in shock she is digging in, and "this is no longer a good idea." she was not present at weiner's campaign event tonight. linsey davis on the story. thank you. we turn overseas tonight to a developing story, a massive train accident, at least 45 people killed in northwestern spain. eye witnesses report an explosion just before the crash, the train cars toppling onto their sides and some split open. spanish media reporting tonight the train was going too fast as it hit a curve on the tracks. now to that moment involving pope francis in brazil.
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tonight surrounded by crowds once again, the people's pope as he's called. it comes after a close call earlier in the week, the car that made the wrong turn. the pope surrounded by his fans. in his open style though many are asking does that put him at risk. abc's alex march gart in brazil for us. >> reporter: today the pope who prized himself on being a man of the people was right there among them, reaching out, hugging and kissing. unlike predecessors, pope francis is using an open jeep to be more accessible, no bulletproof pope mobile for him. here in brazil that openness is causing security jitters, along with moments like this one when that wrong turn led to adoring supporters mobbing his car. it's a headache for security, but his modesty has energized the catholic church's youth. >> he's really taking a new step and looking at humility in a totally different light which i think catholics around the world needed. >> reporter: one of the biggest security tests will come tomorrow when 1 million pilgrims are expected to pack this famous copacabana beach for a prayer
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service led by the pope. pope francis once again taking his message out of the churches and right to the people. david. now to boston and to a powerful moment. exactly 100 days after the boston bombings that killed three people and injured more than 260, the last patient has left the hospital surrounded by his son, his fiance and their friends. it comes at the same time as the sons of a massachusetts state trooper defend his actions. he was so incensed by "rolling stone" magazine's cover, the picture of the boston bomber, that he released his own photos, knowingly putting his job in jeopardy, and in fact he was put on desk duty because of it. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: sean murphy put his career on the line by releasing these dramatic photographs, a bloody dzhokhar tsarnaev at the moment of his capture. he did it to counter this "rolling stone" cover which critics believe makes tsarnaev look like a celebrity. >> i thought it was ridiculous.
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i thought it made him look like a rock star. >> reporter: riley and his brother connor believe their dad did the right thing. now they're speaking for him because he has been ordered not to talk by his bosses who restricted him to desk duty pending an investigation. >> my dad took an amazing stand against what we all saw as injustice. everyone had every right to be furious with it. >> reporter: some police leaders and prosecutors are furious, too, concerned that photographs could hurt the case at trial. his attorney says his client has no regrets because of overwhelming support from bombing victims. >> he has met with a young man the first time he stood after losing both legs to have his picture taken with sergeant murphy. nothing can mean more to him than that. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. to the other big headline out of new england this evening. for the first time patriots head coach bill belicheck speaking publicly about the murder case involving former player aaron hernandez.
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>> i'm primarily responsible for the people that we bring into the football operation. i can tell you that we look at every player's history from the moment we start discussing it. >> >> bill belicheck today. once a star on the field, hernandez sits in a jail cell charged with one murder, under investigation for two others. the team released him immediately after his arrest. developing news tonight, the next chapter for caroline kennedy who told me in recent months she was open to the idea of becoming an ambassador. today she was nominated as u.s. ambassador to japan, her first diplomatic post. much more on "world news." the "real money" team is back this evening. don't let the pet store or vet yank your leash for the amount of money you're paying for your pets. how to save a lot of money coming up after the break. even the pets are excited about this one. later tonight that tricky situation on the plane, this female passenger falling asleep in the lap of the guy next to her. what do you do?
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we didn't want to forget their pets. two out of the three households have them. we put our wallets where our hearts are. abc's paula faris tonight saving money for the pets as well. >> reporter: the seversons can't imagine life without their labs. 5-year-old buddy and the newest member of the family, 3-month-old maverick. but at $50 a week for food, $35 on toys and teething treats, grooming costs more than their kids' haircuts, they're spending a fortune on fido. about $120 a week. that's a little over $6,000 a year right now and that's -- >> ouch. >> thanks for telling me. >> reporter: our animal insider and veterinarian, dr. liz hanson, said canine costs don't have to put your family budget in the dog house. tip number one, dr. hanson recommends apps like pet care services. to compare prices of area groomers, dog walkers and animal hospitals. >> click on that and it shows you exactly how to get there. >> reporter: tip number two, for your pet's meds, dr. hanson reveals you don't always have to buy from your vet.
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>> there's a markup at the hospital. >> reporter: that markup can hit 160%. to make sure you're getting the best price, go to the good rx pets brand new free website. for just one of buddy's prescriptions we found four vastly different prices. >> wow. >> reporter: $27, $31, $36 and $112 for the same prescription. when you are ready to buy, consider amazon's subscribe and save. you'll save 15% and they'll deliver for free. by the way, tip number four, next time your family is away, try dog lovers in your town sign up to pamper pups right from their own home. they're about 40% cheaper than a kennel. finally, tip number five, the cheapest and easiest way to add years to your dog's life is by brushing their teeth daily. if you don't -- >> it can lead to significant kidney disease, it can lead to
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significant heart failure. >> reporter: adding it all up they saved $1,630 this year. that's a lot of doggy deniro. >> the leader of the "real money" squad back with us tonight, paula. really, it can add years by brushing their teeth? >> anywhere from two to four years. >> hard to believe the vet marks up medicine by that much? >> about 160% sometimes. we reported before that good rx, that website is a great place for families to go. to get discounted medication. they just launched good rx pets, another place to go to get medications for the other members of our family. >> the forgotten ones. on our website for them, too. paula, great to have you. when we come back on the broadcast, the swarm of bees halting an american plane from taking off. we'll tell you where this is playing out. and why president h.w. bush shaved his head tonight. image trending. we love this. ♪ hands, for holding. ♪ feet, kicking.
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shingles forced me out of the water. the doctor asked me "did you have chickenpox when you were a child?" the pain level was so high, it became unbearable. our "instant index" tonight on a wednesday evening, planes are delayed for the weather but for bees? usairways flight from charlotte to indianapolis couldn't move away from the gate because of a sudden swarm of bees taking over the tow vehicle. they had to call in bee keepers. it has happened before. a hot air balloon ride gone wrong, the netherlands, landing on a lake, bystanders dragging it to shore, pulling 11 tourists out of the basket. they tell us despite the scare, everyone is okay. former president george bush sr. and the son of one of his secret service agents.
5:53 pm
when the president saw some of the security detail shaving their heads in support of 2-year-old patrick who has leukemia, the president decided to shave his head, too. when we come back tonight, trapped at 35,000 feet. how do you tell the total stranger next to you who falls asleep in your lap it's time to move? believe it or not, flight attendants say there's a right answer here. doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? and now today, i see this in the news. once again, centrum silver was chosen by researchers for another landmark study. this time looking at eye health. my doctor! he knows his stuff. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most studied. the most recommended. and the most preferred multivitamin brand. the choice is clear. and the most preferred multivitamin brand. and you wouldn't have it any other way.e. but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right.
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finally tonight here that uncomfortable moment on the plane, and we're not talking about turbulence here. abc's david wright on the stranger who suddenly fell asleep in her neighbor's lap and to borrow a line from our friend john quinones, what would you do? >> reporter: as if the patdowns and the meltdowns and the delays weren't indignity enough, at 35,000 feet, your personal space is precious. so when a perfect stranger encroaches fast asleep? major party foul. "i don't know what to do!" steve collum mouths. as soon as we lifted off she started drifting my way. she immediately became dead weight and pretty much kind of collapsed on me. >> reporter: which we all know can be nice if it's someone you love. but otherwise kind of awkward.
5:57 pm
>> she just was not waking up. so eventually i tried coughing loudly and things like that to kind of startle her. >> reporter: like the seat back and the storage bin, it's part of the etiquette of shared spaces. what should you do? we asked author and flight attendant heather poole. her advice, ring the call button, ask for help. if all else fails, she says you could create a buffer zone using blankets and pillows or try politely shaming them. what he did was film her and his reactions and post the video to youtube. it went viral, maybe the best revenge of all. >> she probably won't sleep on a plane again and i know i won't sleep on a plane again. >> reporter: he knows the next time it could be him. finally he says, finally off of me. david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> the advice, call for the flight attendant. building the barrier, was a little late for that. thank you for watching tonight. "nightline" coming your way later. for diane and all of us here,
5:58 pm
thank you for watching on a wednesday night, and i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. good night. tonight a victim's family seeking justice in the san francisco jewelry mart murder autos a contribute yut to three teenager who's died in the asiana crash. pressure their families are now under to stay out of court. >> does this belong to you? police in one city are trying
5:59 pm
to figure out who is behind a big new rash of break ins. >> and a $35 gadget that can bring entertainment to your high deftv. >> a local family demanding justice tonight and answers as they confront the man charged with a pair of brutal murders in san francisco. good evening, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson. it was an emotional news conference. relatives had a difficult time maintaining their composure. they spoke about loved ones and the man accused of killing them. carolyn? >> rarely have i seen such raw emotion at a news conference this, family wants justice.
6:00 pm
some calling for the death penalty. they held sign was the date of the murder and the words tragic and pain. her younger sister could not hold back tears. >> i want her mom home. i want her home. >> the larnl extended family of the woman said they came to the hall of justice seeking justice for the mother of one and looking for answers. >> inside of my heart, i don't know why. i don't know what happened. i want to tell the public why? why they kill her? >> she is one two of women killed on july 12th inside of the jewelry mart. she had worked for 20 years. the other victim was a 35-year-old employee. the owner of


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